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Debunking Five Common Holiday Lighting Installation Myths

Holiday lighting myths

When it comes to holiday lighting, there are a lot of myths and false statements circulating that may raise concern with homeowners. Instead of falling for these falsities, we implore you to check out this breakdown of all the various myths and the truths behind them.

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Myth: Professional Holiday Light Installers Are Too Expensive

Truth: One of the most common myths about hiring professional holiday light installers is the thought that they're too expensive. Professional holiday lighting installation is indeed an investment, but it's one that matters, such as with buying a car. You'll find that the costs of hiring a professional installer are greatly outweighed by the time and costs of trying to handle this task on your own. If you own a commercial property, then you'll definitely see a major amount of savings if you were to check out our commercial holiday lighting service.

Myth: Holiday Lighting Installation Is DIY

Truth: Many homeowners make the incorrect assumption that they can handle holiday lighting installation on their own. Don't be fooled. This seemingly simple task is actually very complex, and if you're not properly equipped or trained, you can actually get very hurt. Rather than putting yourself in harm's way, it's simply easier to hire a professional team to take care of it for you.

Myth: Any Holiday Lighting Will Suffice

Truth: You can't just throw any old holiday lights onto your home and call it a day. You want lights that will look great and last for a very long time. Fortunately for you, we at 3 Kings Holiday and Outdoor Lighting only use the highest quality lights with all of our jobs, so you can rest assured knowing that you'll be able to reap the benefits of the lights for years to come.

Myth: Holiday Light Installers Can Only Help With Holiday Lighting

Truth: Although our name includes "holiday lighting," that's not all we do. We also help with other general outdoor lighting as well. For example, some of our commercial lighting services include patio lighting and event lighting. Don't just rely on us for your Christmas lights. Make sure you take advantage of our services year-round.

Myth: Holiday Lighting Is Unsafe

Truth: There's a common fear that holiday lights can break and cause issues, such as sparks starting a fire. Although this is a rational fear to have, it can be avoided by using only high-quality lights, and by hiring a professional installer to add them to your property. If you want safe holiday lighting that will last you a long time, then it's time to call in the team at 3 Kings Holiday and Outdoor Lighting.


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