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4 Ways to Prepare for a Holiday Lighting Installation

Holiday lighting preparation

Congratulations! You've decided to hire our residential holiday lighting team to set up the lighting around your Jacksonville home. Now, you just need to make sure you're ready for our arrival. Below is a list of ways you can prepare your home for our holiday lighting installation service.

To learn more about ways you can prepare your Jacksonville home for a holiday lighting installation, then please call us at 904-242-6722.

Let Your Neighbors Know

Your neighbors might be a little concerned if they see our professional holiday lighting team working around your house. Before our arrival, we recommend that you tell them about us. That way, we can work undisturbed and you can rest assured knowing you won't get any concerned phone calls from the neighbors.

Remove Potential Obstacles

Safety is one of our top priorities, and we take all the necessary steps to ensure we do our job in a manner that eliminates the risk of injuries or harm. However, we need you to do your part as well. We ask that you please remove any potential obstacles that could get in our way while we work. Please remove lawn furniture, toys, hanging planters, or other items that may get in the way of our lighting work.

Keep Pets And Children Inside

As mentioned before, we strive for ultimate safety. We don't want our team members to get hurt, and we also don't want anyone in your home to get hurt either. Please make sure to keep pets and children inside while we do our work. You can even take them out for the day and let us handle the lighting while you're gone.

Leave An Emergency Contact Number

We do our best to complete our job without incidents. However, accidents, although unlikely, can still occur from time to time. We ask that you provide us with an emergency contact number, especially if you plan on not being home. This way, we can reach out to you in case of a problem. Like we said, we minimize the chances of potential injury or damage, but it's always good to have a backup plan.

Want to learn more about our services? Don't hesitate to reach out to us at 3 Kings Holiday and Outdoor Lighting. A helpful and friendly associate is standing by to take your call and to address all your questions and concerns.


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