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3 Kings Holiday Lighting also provides landscape lighting services. Let us put our lighting knowledge to work for you year round, and we will make your home simply magical!  Schedule a free in person consultation.  We promise to work with you to develop the perfect lighting plan for your home or business. 

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LED vs Halogen Lighting

LED lighting has many advantages over older Halogen Incandescent lighting. The main advantage is lower energy cost, longer life span, and it allows for more lights to be used on the same circuit.  Advances in LED technology has made LED much more cost competitive than it was even a few years ago. Also newer LED technology allows for a soft white glow that matches the look expected from incandescent lighting. 3 Kings only uses commercial grade LED lights.

Low Voltage LED vs Solar LED

Solar LED lights are marketed as a convenient, and green alternative to professionally designed and install landscape lighting. The problem is that the light is rarely powerful enough to illuminate the home. Also, solar lights never achieve the brightness advertised because the solar panels do not receive optimal sun light in a real world environment.