Advantages of LED Christmas light installation

At 3 Kings Holiday Lighting, we only install commercial grade LED Christmas lights. Almost everyone now knows that LED lights use less energy and last longer, but there are several other key advantages to LED which make LED the best choice for professional Christmas light installers.

4 less know advantages of LED Christmas lights

1. less outages

Commercial grade LED Christmas lights are completely sealed around each bulb and do not allow as much water into the circuit. With incandescent lights, there are many opportunities for moisture to get into the circuit, this causes more outages and more maintenance calls.

2. Less extension cords

Anyone who is installing Christmas lights should follow the UL instructions on the light and never plug in more lights end to end than recommended. Incandescent mini lights only allow for about 5 strands of light to plugged together whereas LED mini lights can easily handle 40 or more strands being plugged into each other.

3. Less stress on the circuit breaker

It is very difficult to overload a circuit breaker with LED Christmas lights because of the low wattage.

4. Safer

LED lights do not produce heat. Every years, there are fires all across the nation which are cause by cheap incandescent lights.

With these 4 considerations into mind, plus the fact that LED lights will save you 90% on you energy bill. you should only hire a Christmas Light installer which uses comercial grade LED lights.

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